I am a UX designer at Google; helping people communicate with ease in their messaging app.

Previously, I designed products for a performing arts job platform - Backstage. Past freelance clients range from Amazon to start-ups to small business owners.

I previously taught UI/UX at NYCDA in the evenings and continue to work with students to improve their skills and guide them in their career development. Previously, I designed for the foodie website, Tasting Table, and was Lead Designer at the mattress start-up, Helix Sleep.

Coming from the world of illustration and packaging design, developing and creating websites came as a natural extension for me. I love building products that help people make their lives a bit easier.

I'm from the Big Apple, but now reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

How I work.

My process is based on an understanding of the challenges my clients and their users face. While every project is different, the are 6 key steps in achieving a good product:


User Interviews + Research

I begin by conducting initial unstructured interviews to naturally draw out users’ feelings on the product and discover their pain points through open-ended questions.

Develop user personas

Data analysis


Workshop + Whiteboarding

Discuss findings in a workshop setting to uncover the user’s needs, their primary goal, the business goals, and metrics of success.

As a team, we determine a Jobs to Be Done Statement which unifies the user goal in one sentence.

Determine MVP (minimum viable product + future phases)


Wireframes + Usability Testing

Start design with wireframes and lo-fidelity prototypes. I then bring in users to test several designs.


Visual Design

Develop a visual design style and interface patterns which are then applied to the wireframes. Custom illustration, iconography, color palette, and typography are also included in this phase.


Commit, Push, + Deploy

Create HTML/CSS prototype of design. Once the prototype is complete, I work alongside development during the entire process to answer questions and to solve design roadblocks. I contribute by creating and solving tickets (commit, push, deploy to QA).


Data Analysis

Success metrics and user happiness is determined from direct feedback and subscription conversions, heightened traffic, and new user discovery for example.

Alex is an extremely competent designer. She has a laser eye for web interface design and knows how to find the right balance between art and function. In addition to an unrelenting drive for design perfection, Alex also understands the mechanics of the web presentation layer. Her knowledge of HTML and CSS were invaluable during the planning and QA stages of development. Alex is a very ambitious team player. I was fortunate to work with her at Sonicbids.
— Dustin Farris, Front-End Developer