Recipes: Summer Peaches

New York City went from blizzards to blistering heat, Spring lasted a second, and I'm already complaining about the humidity/makeup sliding off my face. The other day on my way home from work,  I saw a stack of peaches outside at my corner market and I instantly fell into summer mode. The thought of a cold, juicy peach brought me to my beach chair, burying the pit in the sand, while still drying off, post swim. Ah, that's the life. So of course I had to have like 10 peaches right there. I always wanted to grill peaches and use them to sweeten up a savory dish. With a low list of ingredients on hand that night, I mixed them in with sautéed spinach and garlic and made some turkey meatballs to go on top. Simple, yet so so tasty. Now I'm looking for more ways to use up these peaches (I'll admit, I went a little peach crazy on Pinterest, naturally). Here are a few that I can't wait to try. Plus, I loved illustrating that canary yellow melting into the blood orange colors of the skin. Drawing each recipe almost feels like I'm making it in a way; painting each ingredient, piece by piece (leaving me hungry). Do any of you have any recipe suggestions?

I can't wait to make these delicious crostinis the next time I have company (or not). That drizzle of honey really polishes this appetizer off! You can find the recipe here, thanks to Fallon of Sage & Sparkle.  

I couldn't leave you without a dessert, of course. You can find this gorgeous looking recipe on Julia's blog.


Alexandra Schorndorf

Product Designer & Illustrator