Recipes: The Art of Wine Pairing

Wine and steak...a perfect match. However, I'm often stuck at restaurants on which wine to order with my meal. I'm typically a red gal, but if i'm ordering a white fish or a light salad (or if i'm really hot), I try to match by going with a white. But which kind of steak goes perfectly with which kind of red wine? The burning question. Bugging the waiter is always in option, but I decided to do a little research to know for myself. A few key tips I picked up:




Simple right? A great juicy wine can help punch up the flavor of a well done steak. Medium-rare steaks go well with an earthier wine (more tobacco/barnyard notes).

I tend to gravitate towards Chiantis and Malbecs, which are apparently not only great with steaks, but with pasta and pizza. Below is a little illustrated cheat-sheet for the next time you're out or at home with a steak!

Sidenote: A week or so ago, Cup of Jo linked to an article over on Food52 where they say you can use your face to determine when your steak is done. YES! So don't look at me funny when i'm touching my cheeks at the grill...

Tip when eating lamb: the delicate texture and flavor pairs well with a smooth tannin, like a Syrah or Malbec.

Do you have any grilling or wine pairing tips? Comment below, I would love to hear!

Cheers!.. Alex


Alexandra Schorndorf

Product Designer & Illustrator