When I joined the team at Helix Sleep, the company just hit the ground running. They are now one of the leading competitors in the start-up mattress world and appeal to customers who want to customize their beds for a low price. Helix wanted to a way to gain and connect with more customers through their new blog. I designed a dynamic blog to show off Helix's fun personality and to showcase the beautiful photography from their interviews.




Visual Identity




I kept the color palette true to the brand and added a fun pattern as an accent for the blog. We wanted it to feel like an extension of Helix Sleep; fresh and playful. The team also wanted to use this opportunity to replace their existing site-wide font (Akkurat) with something new - a little less vertical. After deliberating over many alternatives, we settled on 'Pier Sans' for our new main font.


We started with 3 different article layouts to keep the blog feeling fresh with each click. I incorporated customer reviews and featured articles with sincerity in the bottom slideshow. Each article connects you with the author, which then explains their role within Helix Sleep, content they have written, and a few fun, personal lines about themselves.


As a team, we came up with blog categories and fun questions to ask our interviewees, specifically for our 'Under the Covers' series.